When Did Your Favorite TV Show Start To Suck?


There’s nothing worse than when your favorite television show starts to decline. We can expect changes to a series when a major character dies, or when creators decide to take a jump in the timeline. But feeling dissatisfied after putting in hours and hours should be illegal.

Here at VH1, we take our TV shows very seriously — especially since binge-watching has became our favorite national pastime. With so many shows and such little time, consider this a handy guide to shows that started off as very promising, but sadly went South. Fast. (Ahem, True Blood.)

Check out our staff picks of the exact moment when our favorite shows jumped the shark. Warning: Agreeing to disagree may come in handy right about now.

True Blood (2008-14)


[Photo Credit: HBO]

When it started to suck: This show has gotten so bad I’m only watching the final season in hopes of seeing all the characters die the painful and gory deaths they deserve. What started out as a dumb but fun, trashy take on bloodsuckers started sucking more than just blood in season five with the whole ridiculous Vampire Civil War plotline. It’s like they saw the success of The Walking Dead and tried to refashion what was basically Melrose Place with fangs into an action drama series. This was then taken to new lows in season six with the ill-advised Vampire Guantanamo Bay analogy and the whole, weird “Bill is a vampire God” development. But ultimately, the most unbelievable thing in a series based on the supernatural was why anyone who had witnessed the vampire’s continual cruelty and disregard for human life would continue to be emotionally invested in them as characters. –Ben Smith

Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990-2000)


[Photo Credit: FOX]

When it started to suck: The show got different when Brenda (Shannen Doherty) left in season five, but maintained its insane level of melodrama well throughout its college years. This allowed its newly minted star Jennie Garth, who played Kelly, to stretch as an actress through her “temporary” coke addiction, “accidental” cult membership, and a bout of amnesia. It was season eight when Kelly called off her wedding to Brandon (Jason Priestley) that things just got bad. Then Kelly was all, “We should have gotten married!” The series then positioned the Donna (Tori Spelling) and David (Brian Austin Green) relationship as the emotional core, which no one cared about. Even Luke Perry‘s frequent and weird “special guest star” cameos couldn’t save my favorite guilty pleasure. –Damian Bellino

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