WASTING AWAY: Taylor Swift Would Rather Drink Wine and Gossip Than Eat Properly

TAYLOR Swift is wasting away!

The singer has been getting skinnier and skinnier since moving to NYC.

“Taylor has always had the appetite of a sparrow, but ever since she moved to New York she’s become fixated on her body image. She used to be a size zero, but she’s dropped down to a sub-zero. Her frame looks so fragile these days… it’s to the point where thigh is hardly thicker than her calf muscle,” a source said.

“Taylor’s terrified of looking fat in a picture, so her way of dealing with that is to be underweight… but the really worrying thing is how much emphasis she puts on food. She’s always talking about her baking and stocking her pantry with fresh muffins and bagels, but she never eats a bite of it. It’s all for her guests – so can give the image of someone who eats a lot.

“She’ll add protein here and there, or have a piece of toast, but she rarely eats a proper meal. Some people are worried that she may even become anorexic.

“Taylor has convinced herself she’s building muscle because she’s using weights, but she’s not eating enough to actuall put on muscle. If anything, her workouts are burning away muscle.

“Taylor sees her supermodel friends as the standard of beauty and wants to live up to that.

“Taylor has turned into the ultimate party girl. She regularly hosts wine nights at her house where she and her girlfriends will stay up until 6 am drinking and gossiping.”

Source: WASTING AWAY: Taylor Swift Would Rather Drink Wine and Gossip Than Eat Properly

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