These Sexy Fictional Presidents Definitely Get Our Vote

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There’s just something undeniably hot about a man (or woman) in charge. In charge of the Free World also known as the United States of America, that is. When actors like Blair UnderwoodTony Goldwyn, and Harrison Ford post up in the Oval Office, we’d happily cast as many votes as it takes to keep them there forever. Before you head to the polls tomorrow, hop into the gallery above to see which actors have helped make our country a better place by entertaining us with steamy and forbidden affairs, stern decision making, and the ability to run shit. Warning: Political affiliation is irrelevant when it comes to evaluating pop culture’s sexiest POTUSes.

As you look back on some of the best looking commanders in chief, think about this: Would Jennifer Lawrence make a good president, fictional or otherwise?

[Photo Credit: NBC, 20th Century Fox]

Source: These Sexy Fictional Presidents Definitely Get Our Vote

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