The Price Of Beauty: Celebrities Who Spend Serious Cash On Famous Art

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The idea of keeping up with the Joneses thrives in the celebrity world. Hence the outlandish cars, jewels and homes stars snatch up to keep themselves looking fresh. And when it comes to creating a personalized gallery or museum in the comfort of their own home, MadonnaSwizz Beatz, Victoria Beckham and more understand that money is no object. Art is priceless, after all.

Well, priceless and subjective. It’s difficult to judge the value of one celebrity’s collection over another, which is why we must take into account how integrated said celebs are with the art world. Super successful and super rich directors George Lucas and Steven Spielberg are both avid Norman Rockwell collectors, and each donate their pieces to traveling exhibits at museums around the world. Posh Spice counts English artist Damien Hirst as a friend, which comes in handy when she needs new decor for her daughter’s nursery, while Jay Z mingles with the art world elite, be it Marina Abramovic or Larry Gagosian — who he’s not afraid to name-drop in song.

If you’re a collector yourself, or simply appreciate people who are bold enough to part ways with millions of dollars in exchange for a single painting, take a look at our gallery above.

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Source: The Price Of Beauty: Celebrities Who Spend Serious Cash On Famous Art

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