The Notebook And More Movies Whose Epic Rain Kisses Prove Wetter Is Better

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As far as we can see, the most romantic place to kiss someone is in the rain. How can we not think that after seeing Noah and Allie’s epic, passionate kiss in The Notebook? Their timeless love, culminating in the drama of the pouring rain and a smooch that makes us weak at the knees to even think about, is a moment we can only ever dream of recreating in our own lives. With Ryan Gosling or Rachel McAdams, no less.

The Notebook turns 10 today, and in the romantic tradition that was entrenched forever into the popular consciousness, we’ve taken some time to remember some of our all-time favorite rain kisses from the movies. From the mystery of Spider-Man‘s upside down rain kiss to the tenderness in Dear John, the movies have always promoted our belief that you’ve never been truly kissed until you’ve been kissed in the rain. Check out our gallery of couples making it in the pouring rain, and let us know which grand movie moment is your favorite.

While we’re on the subject of slippery rain make-outs, travel back in time to see Kirsten Dunst and Tobey Maguire discuss Spider-Man’s many redeeming qualities (other than his kissing ability).

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Source: The Notebook And More Movies Whose Epic Rain Kisses Prove Wetter Is Better

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