The Most Ridiculous Sequel Names In Movie History

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As Think Like A Man Too continues to rake in money at the box office, we have to ask: Is the sequel to the ensemble film based on Steve Harvey‘s self-help book succeeding because of its commentary on gender and relationships, or its terribly unclever title? When big movies warrant a continuation, the temptation to go for the pun becomes way too real. Puns are fun! People like to laugh! As much as slapping a number on the end of each spin-off can feel like the easy way out, it’s also the least embarrassing way to go.

Disney’s Air Bud was about a lovable household pet with abnormal athletic talents. It’s success led to another installment, and here’s a totally made up but likely thought that ran through a studio exec’s mind: “Bud is a golden retriever, so — hey, receiver rhymes with retriever! That’s a sports position right?” [Pauses to envision dollar signs.]

Legally Blonde protagonist Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) made a name for herself around Harvard thanks to her yellow locks and knowledge of different styling routines. Why not drive home just how blonde she really is by using the word twice in the sequel (Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde)? But really, even the most ridiculous movie titles become accepted by pop culture for different reasons. Thanks to the follow-up to 1984′s breakdancing flick, Breakin’, we now know what to tack on to any underwhelming piece of media in order to best signify it’s mediocrity (that would be the extra-ludicrous, “Electric Boogaloo”). Because, why put your mind to work when you can just say “boogaloo”?

Check out some of the silliest sequel names in the gallery above, and let us know your idea for better titles in the comments.

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Source: The Most Ridiculous Sequel Names In Movie History

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