The Fab Life Of Atlanta By The Numbers

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Move over Hollywood, Atlanta is officially the A-List town of choice. The city, which is host to a number of TV shows and film productions, also claims everyone from Tyler Perry to NeNe Leakes as its residents. And these stars bring in big money to the city. Just because they aren’t in New York City or Los Angeles doesn’t mean they don’t know how to live the fabulous life. In fact, they reinvented it with their $35M homes (ahem, Perry), $1.8M weddings (we’re looking at you, NeNe) and $500K on a gold chain (oh hey, Lil Jon).

When it comes to Atlanta, it’s all about living large. That’s why VH1′s The Fabulous Life Of… went inside the rich and lavish lifestyles of those who live there.

As we mentioned before, Lil Jon isn’t shy about dropping a half-million dollars on a necklace. But it’s not the only thing he owns. Watch bonus clips from tonight’s episode that breaks down the rapper’s spending habits:

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