Shailene Woodley: ‘My Friends Are Like me’

Friday, April 25, 2014

SHAILENE Woodley insists her friends don’t think she’s odd — because they’re all like her.

The actress is a keen environmentalist, and only mixes with people with the same interests, she revealed in a new interview with Natural Health magazine.

“All of them live that lifestyle already, so I’m fortunate,” she said.

“We joke that our conversations sound like a Sh-t Wild People Say video. We were foraging for wild leeks in Maine last year, and one of my friends said, ‘Does anyone want the rest of my rhizome?’ And we all cracked up, thinking that only here and with this group of people would someone ask that question.”

“I find myself living in two worlds sometimes — being this person who can walk a red carpet in a huge, fancy-ass ball gown, high heels and mountains of makeup, but also being the girl at a hippie festival in the middle of the forest with war paint on my face, dancing around with hairy armpits. I exist so well in both, and I used to feel like I had to choose one or the other.

“I struggled with that up until doing The Fault in Our Stars. I have one life to live, and it could end any minute, so I’m going to appreciate every single moment. I’m going to own my day before my day owns me. Show up the way you expect others and the world to show up for you, and that’s all there is to it. Life is too fleeting, too unpredictable and too unfair to focus on anything else.”


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Source: Shailene Woodley: ‘My Friends Are Like me’

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