Selena Gomez’s Parents Want Her in Rehab, Away From Justin Bieber

Saturday, April 26, 2014

SELENA Gomez‘s parents want her in rehab and away from Justin Bieber.

The singer’s mother and father are convinced that she needs a major break, and they want Justin out of her life for good.

Mandy and Brian Teefey are eager to get their troubled daughter into a rehabilitation center to treat her “depression and anxiety,” and get her as far way as possible from Bieber, reports Hollywood Life.

“They have always wanted her to take rehab seriously because she never has, and that would be the best thing for her. Her parents have been weak trying to make it happen, but are now trying to buckle down on it, even using her little sister to motivate her,” a source said.

“Her parents have begun using the fact that Selena will not be able to see her sister until she gets help and that seems to be working.”

“Selena’s main issues are depression and anxiety and obviously when she drinks alcohol, it only amplifies the problem. She also has trouble sleeping, which makes everything worse. Her family, especially her mom, attributes many of her troubles to hanging out with the ‘wrong crowd’, Justin included.

. “Selena really wants to get better but isn’t sure what to do. Rehab is not something she thinks she needs. She thinks if she can just focus on her career and stay away from certain people, things will get better.

“She is not ready to let go of Justin though and he’s a main culprit in this whole mess. Her mom thinks rehab is the ticket because it will force her to stay away from Justin and get some much-needed rest and clarity.

“This is a very serious situation because all the stress has an impact on Selena’s health and aggravates the lupus and causes flare-ups. It’s no joke.”


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Source: Selena Gomez’s Parents Want Her in Rehab, Away From Justin Bieber

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