Ryan Guzman Is Your New Boyfriend and You Didn’t Even Know It


If the sexy star of The Boy Next Door isn’t on your radar yet, you should probably make that happen for yourself. Actor Ryan Guzman stars alongside Jennifer Lopez in the new thriller, and although their chemistry is off-the-charts sexual (they were the hottest pair on the Golden Globes red carpet), the two assure us that they are just buds in real life. Whew. Now that we know he’s available, someone please tell us this: where has this guy been hiding all our lives?

Just a few weeks ago, the former Step Up actor took to Twitter to announce his split from Girl Code‘s Melanie Iglesias. Let me reiterate, he’s s-i-n-g-l-e. As an MMA fighter turned model turned actor (who was also seen in Pretty Little Liars), it’s clear Ryan multi-talented. It’s in your best interest to scoop that up now before he really takes off. Here’s why:

He’ll bring you flowers.

Look who surprised me on the @wendyshow… @ryanaguzman #TheBoyNextDoor ?????????????????? #JLoOnWendy

Fotka zveřejněná uživatelem Jennifer Lopez (@jlo),

If you’re lucky, he’ll water them for you, too.

You don’t always have to be red carpet ready when you’re with him.

Guess where I'm heading to #TheBoyNextDoor #January23

Ein von Ryan Guzman (@ryanaguzman) gepostetes Foto am

Who can keep up with that schedule? Which brings us to No. 3…

He digs your imperfections.

You can stop judging yourself now.

Source: Ryan Guzman Is Your New Boyfriend and You Didn’t Even Know It

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