Romantic! Rihanna and Drake ‘Do Their Best to Make it Work’

Saturday, April 26, 2014

RIHANNA and Drake have made a pact to spend as much time together as possible whenever they have a break from their busy schedule.

Sources say the pair — who recently denied claims they had split — do what ever they can to make their romance work, and when they have a few days off work, they’re jumping on a jet, train or bus to be by each other’s side.

“Time is the biggest evil when two people as big as they are are connected because they never know when they will be pulled apart for work,” a source told Hollywood Life.

“When they both have breaks, they spend it together nonstop and are literally in each others arms the whole time because they know that when it’s time to get back on the grind, it could be a minute before they have that alone time to themselves again.

“Everything is pure love between them and they are doing well, really well. All their cards are out on the table and they’re both showing and telling each other what they want and expect from each other.

“They’re so good.”


drake, rihanna

Source: Romantic! Rihanna and Drake ‘Do Their Best to Make it Work’

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