Ricky Martin’s New Single, The ‘AHS: Freakshow’ Cast Photos: A Roundup


Ricky Martin Adios single cover photo

So. Ricky Martin has just released a new single titled “Adiós” that has been recorded in English, Spanish and English & French and as you can hear for yourself, the song is pretty horrendous in any language. Take a listen on .

In new cast photos for American Horror Story: Freak Show, we meet Jessica Lange’s character, Elsa Mars, and her troupe of freaks, along with a handful of others. Check out all the cast pics on .

A Florida woman, who goes by the name of Jasmine Tridevil, claims she paid a cosmetic surgeon $20,000 to implant a third breast in the middle of her chest in the hopes of getting her own reality TV show. See the pic on .

On Friday, the former governor of Alaska posted a message on her Facebook page praising her daughter Bristol as a “straight shooter” who defended the family during the brawl — which is not mentioned directly, but obviously being alluded to with this post. Details and the statement on .

The newly crowned pageant queen was kicked out of Hofstra University’s Alpha Phi sorority last year after allegedly hazing pledges. has all the sordid details.

With season 8 of The Big Bang Theory on it’s way it’s high time to look at the things we love about the show, what keeps everyone coming back year after year, and what makes the show so watchable 8 seasons in. has more on what is to come!

Source: Ricky Martin’s New Single, The ‘AHS: Freakshow’ Cast Photos: A Roundup

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