Reality TV’s Best Sidekicks: Where Are They Now?

J. Alexander

Reality shows are enjoyed for their dramatic (and obviously totally legit and real, right?) plotlines, over-the-top stars, and, wonderfully often, those stars’ equally if not more over-the-top employees, friends, and enemies.

We look back at nine of our favorite reality sidekicks and see where they are now.

Miss J, America’s Next Top Model

J. Alexander (above), better known to the rest of us as Miss J, judge and runway coach on America’s Next Top Model, was cruelly let go from the show in 2012 but returned last year for cycle 21. Today he lives in Paris and has a line of women’s shoes — which you now know how to walk in thanks to his runway coaching!

Bobby Trendy, The Anna Nicole Show


Bobby Trendy became famous when he did the interior design on Anna Nicole Smith’s house, and most famously, her very shiny pink bed. Today he’s still designing interiors and making the occasional appearance on Vanderpump Rules.

Freddie Robinson, Jr., Love & Hip Hop 


Freddie went from pal of Jim and Chrissy Jones to stand-up comedian. He also produced the music for Jim and Chrissy’s spinoff Chrissy and Mr. Jones, and owns a barber shop in New Jersey.

Sister Patterson, I Love New York


Sister Patterson brought us much joy (and suitors much awkwardness and terror) as Tiffany “New York” Pollard’s mother and constant companion on I Love New York. In the best news we’ve heard in months, the two are reportedly filming a new TV show together. We cannot wait.

See what New York has been up to in the years since her show.

Source: Reality TV’s Best Sidekicks: Where Are They Now?

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