Prince William Flies Coach (PHOTO)

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

PRINCE William doesn’t need a fancy private jet!

The 31-year-old British Royal rode coach on a flight from Memphis to Dallas, prompting praise from fellow passengers who called him “humble.”

A man resembling the young royal boarded an American Airlines flight on Sunday. He took the window seat and ordered a water — but not before he was spotted by a local TV news reporter, who snapped his photo and posted it on Twitter.

“I am still amazed #Prince William flies COACH. That’s pretty humble/awesome. Who knew?” tweeted Eli Ross, a reporter for local 24 news in Memphis.

The photo is of William’s balding head from the back. He is seated in front of a blond woman and a man with shaggy brown hair.

The same man was later photographed at the Dallas airport leaving the American Airlines Admiral Club in a baseball cap.

Meanwhile, William and wife Kate Middleton have proved really are modern royals!

After the pair missed baby Prince George‘s very first attempt at crawling — because they were on vacation in the Maldives — they bought digital video cameras to ensure they never miss another moment of their little man’s memorable moments.

“Kate and William quickly purchased sophisticated digital video cameras like their own, presented one to Kate’s parents, and the other to their nanny — and instructed them too carry it all times when Mummy and Daddy are absent so they can capture every precious ‘first’ performed by baby George,” a source said.

Meanwhile, Kate’s mom fears she’s alienating the British public!

Carole Middleton is said to be worried that her daughter — who’s married to Britain’s Prince William — is losing her “common touch” image by spending millions on home refurbishments and going on luxury vacations.

Sources tell Britain’s Woman magazine that is trying to wrestle control of Kate and William’s PR by persuading her daughter not to lose a grip on reality.

“Carole feels like she’s basing her head against a brick wall trying to get her point across to Kate,” a source said.

“For a long time, she’s been taking a softly, softly approach, but after the backlash from her ‘babymoon’, it’s been a lot more urgent.

“Carole thinks this is a turning point and that if Kate doesn’t get her act together, there will be a lot of tears before bedtime.”


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Source: Prince William Flies Coach (PHOTO)

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