Prince Harry Who? 10 Eligible Royals To Crush On

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Prince William is a father and Kim Kardashian is officially a married woman (again). When it comes to daydreaming about spending the rest of your life with a member or the royal family (or a self-proclaimed member of reality TV royalty), is there anyone left?

FOX’s newest reality series I Wanna Marry Harry highlights our obsession with families of superior breeding by fooling women into believing they have a chance to meet and wed Will’s younger brother, Harry. They don’t, of course. And maybe they don’t have to? From “Vince the Prince” of that little yet supremely wealthy country of Lichentstein to Grace Kelly‘s grandson, Pierre Casiraghi, there are plenty of eligible royals roaming the planet, looking for their better half. So if you’re into car racing and horses, or think you can handle representing not one but two foreign territories, this list is for you. Well-versed in the rules of royal succession? Fluent in Luxembourgish? Keen on hanging out with princesses and Mila Kunis? Check out 10 international elites to keep your eye on.

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Source: Prince Harry Who? 10 Eligible Royals To Crush On

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