New York Fashion Week’s Worst Dressed Celebrities So Far

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New York Fashion Week is upon us, filling the streets with glamorous celebrities and wannabes clamoring to get the attention of any photographer within a five-mile radius. If you haven’t been keeping up with dedicated fashion bloggers to help plan your Winter 2015 wardrobe, there’s more to this year’s fashion celebration than Miley Cyrus in nipple pasties. Like megastars attempting to be stylish, but failing spectacularly.

Bad bitch Rihanna knows that New York in September means anything can happen (weather-wise) which might explain the outdated poncho and bucket hat she wore to Alexander Wang. (We hope.) Hop in the gallery above for Lincoln Center looks that have missed the mark thus far. And check out VH1′s picks for the worst dressed celebrities of all time, below.

[Photo Credit: Splash News]

Source: New York Fashion Week’s Worst Dressed Celebrities So Far

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