Monica Lewinsky: The Reality Show?

MONICA Lewinsky might be getting her own TV show!

According to insiders, Bravo TV mega-producer and Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen believes Monica is bright, funny and fearless enough to triumph as America’s new Queen of Reality TV!

Andy reportedly said: “I spent a hilarious interlude at a high-powered party listening to Monica crack the crowd up with her drop-dead funny banter – but what really floored me and everybody came when I introduced her to Erin Moriarty of ‘48 Hours’ who I’d interned for at CBS when I started my career.

“Erin said to Monica, ‘You know, Andy was my intern.’ Monica – all wide-eyed innocence – smiled sweetly at the crowd and said, ‘I was an intern!’”

Monica, as I’m sure you all know, is a former White House intern with whom Bill Clinton admitted to having had what he called an “inappropriate relationship” while she worked at the White House in 1995 and 1996.

The affair and its repercussions, which included the Clinton impeachment, became known as the Lewinsky scandal.

Source: Monica Lewinsky: The Reality Show?

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