Miley Cyrus Angers Maria Shriver

MARIA Shriver ain’t ‘appy, you guys!

California’s former First Lady is not a fan of son Patrick Schwarzenegger’s new girlfriend, Miley Cyrus.

“Maria is a devout Catholic and still attends mass every Sunday at St. Monica in Santa Monica,” said a Shriver insider.

“She’s not crazy about the fact that her son is besotted with Miley and her crazy antics – but she’s worried that if she tells Patrick, he’ll get angry.”

Maria, a member of the Kennedy clan, “flipped out” after seeing photos of Miley’s insane 22nd birthday party at Hollywood’s Metropolitan Nightclub, sources said. The club was decorated with marijuana leaves and Miley rode a mechanical bull shaped like a sex toy! At one point, the singer apparently danced around topless.

“While Patrick may have enjoyed the festivities, his mom did not,” said the source. “She’s tearing her hair out!”

Source: Miley Cyrus Angers Maria Shriver

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