Melissa McCarthy: ‘I Have a Great Marriage’

June 6, 2014

MELISSA McCarthy insists she has a “great marriage” to husband Ben Falcone.

The actress opened up in a new interview with Redbook magazine.

“We have a great marriage, and outside forces can’t really change that,” she said. “Success doesn’t define us, even though we love what we do.

“The important thing is our family and kids. I see teenagers or people who are 21 and think, I was an idiot at that age. I was running around New York like a crazy woman. Thank God I only had three and a half cents to my name. I was too immature to handle success then.”

Melissa says her oldest daughter has started to realize she has a famous mommy.

“She asked me, ‘Are you famous?’” she recalled. “And I said to her, ‘Famous doesn’t mean anything. Just because people know my face doesn’t mean they know us or that it makes us any more interesting or better.’”


melissa mccarthy

Source: Melissa McCarthy: ‘I Have a Great Marriage’

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