Matt Lauer Doesn’t Want Katie Couric to Return to TODAY

Friday, May 9, 2014

MATT Lauer is FURIOUS that his bosses with NBC are in talks to bring Katie Couric back to the TODAY show.

Sources say Matt “freaked out” when he heard about possible plans to reunite him with his former colleague, even though network honchos think the reunion would boost ratings for the troubled morn­ing show.

It’s reported Katie would co-anchor with Matt. when Savannah Guthrie goes on maternity leave.

“Katie and Matt had a long-running feud behind the scenes, and while Katie has tried to ex­tend an olive branch to Matt in recent years, he exploded and freaked out at the thought of hav­ing her back sitting next to him,” said a source.

Katie recently an­nounced that she’d accepted a job as Internet giant Ya­hoo’s “Global Anchor” — but Matt doesn’t be­lieve she’s serious about that gig.

Couric’s syndicated talk show, “Katie,” is being canceled, and Matt thinks she’ll be looking for a steady job in New York once she marries fiance John Mol­ner this summer.

“What better job than to be back at the Today show — a place she knows like the back of her hand,” the source added. “Matt’s afraid she’ll use the substitute gig to get herself back on the show per­manently.”

“Of course Matt knows Savannah has to take time off to have her baby, but he’s hardly high on Katie returning.

“While there had been some reports in the media that Katie and Matt had at one point con­sidered co-hosting a syndicated show together, the truth is that Matt still harbors resentment against Katie for a lot of reasons.

“Katie may have once been smitten with Matt years ago, but the two had a real ‘love-hate’ relationship dur­ing the years they worked together at Studio 1-A.

“The fact is I think he hates her guts. Matt said that he was sick and tired of playing the straight man for her story set-ups and having to go along with her cutesy ‘I’m-so-innocent’ facade.

“If Katie does end up back on TODAY when Savannah goes on ma­ternity leave, rest assured it will be one hot summer between Matt and Katie.”


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Source: Matt Lauer Doesn’t Want Katie Couric to Return to TODAY

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