Lou Reed is Dead: Pictures of 71-Year-Old-Rocker

Lou Reed is Dead: Pictures of 71-Year-Old-Rocker

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LOU Reed died Sunday at the age of 71.

The cause of death has not yet been revealed, but here’s some photos of the rocker for you to look back on.

Back in May, the singer, guitarist And songwriter for the Velvet Underground star had a liver transplant.

Reed cultivated a detached persona with the Velvet Underground that he’s assumed in the real world ever since. He’s been known to hang up on interviewers mid-sentence if he doesn’t like the direction of the conversation.

“I don’t make records for critics,” he has said. “When you say people didn’t like it, I don’t know if that’s true. When art emerges it’s not always recognized or understood. I always loved this album and I don’t think the majority of people ever got a chance to really hear it. But I don’t think in terms of revenge.

“The question I am always being asked is why should this music be played over 30 years later. “Well, when Berlin came out nobody got it. I never played it live and so the work has been misunderstood for a long time. Me and the producer, Bob Ezrin, had planned it as a stage show at the time, but that never happened. I regard the film and the concert as a kind of rescue mission.”

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Source: Lou Reed is Dead: Pictures of 71-Year-Old-Rocker

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