Laguna Beach Moments That Are Frozen in Time

Laguna Beach Prom

MTV’s 2004 series Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County was ahead of its time in the reality TV game. It spawned spin-offs like The Hills and The City, and as a result is responsible for introducing the world to Spencer Pratt. It’s been 10 years since Kristin and Lauren competed for the attention of local heartthrob Ste-phen, and while they might be over it today, their simple yet addicting series has left us with a handful of moments we still can’t shake.

In addition to the SoCal slang we picked up — Ex: We were so amped on this gnarly series we cried when it was dunzo — and enviable West Coast lifestyle that included weekend bonfires and hotel parties for underage attendees, there were moments from the drama that we remember more clearly than our own high school experience. Check out the defining moments of Laguna Beach season one, below.

Lauren always keeping one eye on Stephen

Laguna Beach Lauren Stephen

A central figure in the series’ main love triangle, girl next door L.C. was always down to hang with her childhood friend Stephen… and swoop him away from on-and-off girlfriend Kristin whenever possible. It’s been 10 years, and you still think it was a coincident they both ended up in San Francisco?

Stephen discussing his relationship problems at work

Laguna Beach Stephen Workplace

Stephen was featured at local surf shop (his “workplace”) throughout season one. But the majority of his time on the clock seemed to be spent making personal calls on the store’s landline and venting about his female troubles to colleagues MTV clearly didn’t deem interesting enough to feature as series regulars.

Kristin’s style and Trey’s trucker hats

Laguna Beach Kristin Choker

Denim skirts and Ugg boots have a soft spot in the hearts of all female millennials, and a black North Face fleece was the uniform for those not quite winter nights when the agenda was still being determined. But an accessory we did not endorse then and still won’t endorse now? The black choker necklace Kristin wore in almost every episode (including the opening credits).

Trey Trucker Hats

Stephen’s best friend was the forward thinking member of the group, who dedicated his time to causes his friends would rather give money to then show up at to support. He was also a huge trucker hat fanatic, giving Ashton Kutcher a run for his money. While his massive collection of hats may seem regrettable in retrospect, today he works at Vera Wang. So, the joke’s on the us.

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