Kris Jenner is Très Fabuleux! (At Least in Her Own Mind)

Reality TV momager Kris Jenner — she spawned Khloe, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, as well as Kylie and Kendall Jenner — posted this picture on her Instagram this morning. JENNERFAB

“Early morning elevator situation,” she wrote. “Dress: Alexander McQueen.. Coat: Celine… Boots: Gucci… Sunnies: Celine…. #iwokeuplikethisat3a.m.”

Where’s Solange Knowles when you need her?

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Robert PattinsonYou’ll need to be a powerful woman if you’re ever looking to hook up with Robert Pattinson.

Hollywood Life has revealed that the actor’s new girlfriend, FKA twigs, has something in common with his previous love Kristen Stewart.

“She’s [FKA] a very powerful woman.“She just has this presence and this don’t give a f**k attitude, just like Kristen has,” a source said.

“In a lot of ways T and Kristen are very similar. They’re both kind of tortured souls, they don’t care about fame or being well liked, they’re both extremely passionate and obsessive when it comes to their work. All of those things are huge turn ons for Rob.

“She’s not the type to take a relationship lightly.

“She takes a commitment very seriously, and above all else, she is a very loyal person.”

Meanwhile, People magazine says Rob has fallen hard and fast for FKA.

“They seem very comfortable with each other,” a source said. “They’re very cute together.

“He looks like he’s really in love. this is the most comfortable I’ve ever seen him.

“It’s like he is in a normal relationship, enjoying it. Honestly, it was miles and miles away from what it was like when he was with Kristen.”

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Tom Cruise and Sandra Bullock

OMG! This is cray cray!

According to the National Enquirer, Tom Cruise and Sandra Bullock’s friends are trying to set them up on a daye.

The pair were introduced at the 2009 Golden Globes, but both were married.

“When they met, Tom and Sandy couldn’t stop beaming at each other,” an insider said. “There was definitely a spark – but neither ever thought their marriages would fizzle out.

“Now there’s no one special for either of them. It’s a natural love match.

“No one can believe ‘America’s Sweetheart’ is alone.

“She always had a thing for her pal George Clooney, but THAT never happened and now he’s married.

“Tom seems to have no interest in dating her or anyone else;

“The fact is, Tom really wants to be in a relationship again, and the consensus among their mutual pals is that Sandra would be perfect for him.

“She’s not a Scientologist, but she’s gorgeous and funny and they both love parenting.

“There’s no question her son Louis and his little girl Suri would became fast friends.

“They both have money and well-established careers so there’d be no jealousy over who’s the bigger star. It would be a match made in heaven.”

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Ben AffleckBen Affleck really is a man’s best friend.

The actor — who’s currently making the rounds promoting his smash hit movie “Gone Girl” — made time for one of his pals, who was abruptly devastated by the unexpected death of his much-beloved pet dog!

“Ben and wife Jennifer Garner prang into action and – after a lot of loving work and research – gifted their good friend just three days later with a cuddly puppy to help ease the pain,” a source said.

“Sadly, their pal – although deeply grateful – told them he just had to give the pooch back, saying it was simply too soon, and too painful, to replace his pet just yet. Jen and Ben understood completely, and quickly found the pooch another home with a very good family!”

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Source: Kris Jenner is Très Fabuleux! (At Least in Her Own Mind)

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