Judd Apatow: Broadway Baby

June 30, 2014 by Adam

JUDD Apatow loves Broadway musicals.

The Hollywood comedy director saw Hedwig and the Angry Inch and Les Misérables last week with his family — and he loved it.

“We like seeing all the different casts and then we decide who played which part better.”

Further proving his taste skews toward the theatrical, he also recalled the wildest live show he’s ever seen was Queen at MSG.

“I was in seventh grade and . . . the police were beating all these kids, and they were all bloody on the street,” he told New York Post gossip column Page Six of a clash with cops at the show.

“[My parents] never wanted to let me take the train to the city to see a concert again, but I evaded them and did.”


judd apatow

Source: Judd Apatow: Broadway Baby

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