Jasmine Tridevil’s Mugshot Is More Ridiculous Than Her Fake Third Boob

Jasmine Tridevil Arrested DUI

The Florida woman with three boobs everyone was confused about last fall is back in the spotlight. Twenty-one-year-old Alisha Jasmine Hessler (aka Jasmine Tridevil) was pulled over in Tampa on Monday, and not because her breasts disrupted her driving.

According to local police, Hessler was driving “erratically” at 4 AM, going 46 mph in a 30 mph zone, and ran a red light. She was noticeably slurring her words and failed a sobriety test at the scene. Hessler later blew .180 and .178 — more than twice the legal limit — and was charged with one count DUI, officially joining the Lindsay Lohan club. Drinking and driving is bad, kids.

Her mugshot, however, is the most interesting part of this story.


Looking away from this photo is almost as hard as it was to look away from that fake boob. Black tear marks run down her cheek — just like Lauren Conrad’s during an epic fight with Audrina on The Hills — and yet her lip liner remains perfectly intact.

We’re guessing she’s more upset at the fact that she didn’t choose to make headlines this go around than at the actual DUI. It’s safe to say Hessler has seen better days.

Take a look at Hessler and some of the biggest troublemakers of 2014.

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[Photo Credit: Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office/@JasmineTridevil]

Source: Jasmine Tridevil’s Mugshot Is More Ridiculous Than Her Fake Third Boob

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