Frozen! 10 Chilly Movies To Help Beat The Summer Heat


By Christopher Rosa 


It’s hot outside. Crazy hot. Whether you’re getting burnt in the 100+ degree weather down South or sweltering in an urban jungle like New York City, one thing is certain: You’re sweating. And you’re not happy about it.

Neither are we. While some have the luxury of swimming pools or beach houses, most of us have to deal with the heat by sucking down water and imagining cold places. Those with better kindergarten experiences are more equipped.

That’s where movies come in, folks. What better place to escape this unbearable sun than indoorshopefully with air conditioning and the blinds closed like the vampires we arewith a movie set in the tundra? We know it’s not the same as being in the actual tundra, but it’s pretty darn close.

Not all cold movies are created equal, though. We’ve broken down 10 of the coldest movies in existence and given them a “Frost Factor”  to make your selection easier. At VH1, we care about cooling you off properly.

Take a look at the movies below and let us know which ones are keeping you at a comfortable temperature this summer.

10. Mr. Deeds (2002)

Frost Factor: 32°F

This movie—starring Adam Sandler as a small town pizzeria owner who inherits a billion-dollar fortune—takes place in New York City mostly, but gets some serious chill points when Winona Ryder’s character takes an accidental swim in a thin, iced over pond. *Shivers.*

9.  Frozen (2013)

Frost Factor: 25°F

Elsa, we’re envious of you. In a heat wave like this, we wish we could magically create ice with our fingers. Teach us your ways, please. We don’t just want to build a snowman. We want to build a snow country with a working government, school districts and a McDonald’s on every street.

8.  Snow Day (2000)

Frost Factor: 20°F

Ahhh, nostalgia. This Nickelodeon movie made us wish every day was a snow day. These kids spent the entire film doing exactly what we wish we could do now: Roll around in ice.

Source: Frozen! 10 Chilly Movies To Help Beat The Summer Heat

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