‘Fifty Shades of Buscemi’ Teaches You the Meaning of Sexy

Turns out Nucky Thompson is a better Christian Grey than Christian Grey himself. The Fifty Shades of Buscemi trailer hit the Internet this week, giving us a whole new education in S&M.

Seeing the Boardwalk Empire star replace Jamie Dornan in Fifty Shades of Grey is so wrong, it’s right. You literally can’t look away. Especially with that intense Nucky stare and quotes like, “I’m gonna get a piece of that pie.” Mhmm. If you weren’t a fan of Fifty Shades or Boardwalk, we guarantee you are now. Thank you, Boo Ya Pictures, for making this all happen.

To get ready for the real Fifty Shades premiere this weekend, check out the sexy stills in the gallery.

View Photo Gallery

And catch Nick Lachey put his spin on Mr. Grey.

Source: ‘Fifty Shades of Buscemi’ Teaches You the Meaning of Sexy

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