Farrah Abraham Puts Kardashian Family On Sex Tape Blast!

Wow! The fight between Farrah Abraham and the Kardashian family has intensified big time and is now getting ready to break the internet yet again. lol

Ok so here is what has gone down… as we all know by now Klohe Kardashian has her very own show now called ‘Kocktails with Khloe‘. Well on this last episode she had sister Kendall Jenner on as a guest and asked her whos side she was on with the recent beef that happened between Nicki Minaj and Farrah Abraham. Kendall said: “I just don’t really agree with a lot of Farrah’s decisions in life so that’s why I would just say I’m on Nicki’s side,” Klhoe agrees with Kendall and said: “We seem to all be team Nicki”.

Well this pissed off Farrah Abraham and she quickly took to twitter posting this nice little post that went viral:

Now that right there is a huge stab at the Kardashian hearts according to Kardashian fans, however we look at it in a different light than most I guess.

First, let’s not get this shit twisted, the Kardashian were made famous due to the Kim Kardashian sex tape, there is no doubt about that at all and anyone that says anything different does not know the history. Kim Kardashian was at best a D class celeb when she was nothing more than BFF of Paris Hilton, then after getting the idea to “leak” a tape with rapper Ray J that has a very large carrot to increase her celeb status she blew up. Then with nothing more than good marketing skills by her momager they are where they are now. Let’s also not forget that Kendall and Klohe have come forward talking about their own sex tapes for that all mighty press coverage.

Second, we move to Farrah… yeah she was reeled in by the silver tongue of Steve Hirsch at Vivid to try and copycat Kim Kardashian’s success promising the world to get her to make some porn videos labeled as sex tapes. Vivid made a killing yet again on memberships and customer information for further marketing and gave Farrah only a small % of the profits made. In fact as we all know she has struggled for several years financially while the Kardashian Empire is worth upwards of $100M like we said due to the marketing/branding brains of Kris Jenner.

Now, we ask the question that no one wants to… why in the world would Khloe bring up the Farrah Abraham beef with Nicki Minaj knowing that the Kardashian family fame came from Kim K’s sex tape? It is simple, media coverage! Anytime a celeb is able to create a scandal that is reported on by the media is a great time and with Khloe’s new show this was nothing more than a great PR move. Bravo!

Here is the first episode of Kocktails with Klohe that started the entire online battle.
So we gotta ask what are your thoughts? Do you agree with us on all this sex tape cat fight talk? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Farrah Abraham Puts Kardashian Family On Sex Tape Blast!

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