Everyone Hating on Keke Palmer Needs to Back the F–k Off

Keke Palmer New Look Instagram

Keke Palmer posted a few innocent selfies yesterday, and got crapped on by the Internet in return. Is it because of her new piercings? Or because she’s riding with possible new beau August Alsina?

So the Broadway star has additional piercings on her face. You do remember this is the 21st century, don’t you? Not to mention Miley Cyrus already did the new-badass-image-with-a-pixie-cut thing in 2013. We’re kind of over it. Palmer is only 21 years old, and she has every right to explore new looks without being judged for it.

Regardless, Keke continues to collect checks while you’re making idiotic memes about her on social media. Just saying.

Those who didn’t attack her new look questioned whether she’s dating Alsina. In Hollywood, relationship rumors ignite every hour on the hour — as if this concept was new. Maybe they’re just friends?

he can cook some good ass chicken ya'll. ????????????

Une photo publiée par Lauren Palmer (@kekepalmer) le

So what if she’s getting to taste his chicken? Does it really affect your life that much? You probably had a zero percent chance of dating either of them, if that’s what you were hoping for. No amount of mean tweets or memes will make you richer and Keke less successful. Let her do her thing just like you did when you were 21.

Can you say you were a Broadway star at that age? Keke recounts her magical Cinderella experience on Big Morning Buzz Live.

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Source: Everyone Hating on Keke Palmer Needs to Back the F–k Off

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