Does This Mean Kate Middleton Won’t be Queen?

Oh, this is not good news.

Apparently, Kate Middleton stormed out of the Palace after being told that she’ll NEVER been queen.

According to the latest issue of Globe magazine, Prince Charles
‘ wife, Camilla, has been told that SHE will be queen! It’s not good folks! And remember, Kate is pregnant with her and Prince William’s second child.

According to Globe: “Scheming Camilla is gloating after dying Queen Elizabeth made an earth-shattering choice. She declared that Camilla and hubby Prince Charles will be the new Queen and King — instead of popular Prince William and his pregnant wife, Kate. Now Charles has called off his $350 million divorce, as Kate fled the palace. Find out the shocking reasons behind the decision.”

Meanwhile, Kate will vanish from public view after her NYC trip in early December.

Kate plans to take a three month final trimester second pregnancy vacation.

Kate has already started reaching burnout level, especially since she’s pregnant and still recovering from the morning sickness. Kate’s NYC trip will be one of her last public appearances before she disappears for the remainder of her second pregnancy.

“Kate is planning to disappear for a few months,” said one insider. “It’s likely she’ll reappear closer to her due date.

“She’s reaching breaking point and just needs to chill out and do nothing for a good while.”

Source: Does This Mean Kate Middleton Won’t be Queen?

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