Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence Call It Quits


After four months of dating, Jennifer Lawrence will take a break from singing along to Coldplay songs in public. People reports that J.Law and Chris Martin are getting back to their own “insane” schedules and putting an end to their relationship. Although a source says “they really like each other,” their busy lifestyles just didn’t permit time for romance. If we recall correctly, J. Law and Nicholas Hoult broke up in late June for similar reasons. Is this becoming the same old song and dance for the Hunger Games star?

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Just one month ago, people were saying Martin had moved on from ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow and had “fallen in love” with Lawrence. Are you surprised the two ended their romance so quickly? Do you think they’ll get back together? Did Martin and Paltrow’s recent dinner and tender goodbye set things off? Hop into the gallery above to relive the heartbreak of other celeb couples who unfortunately pulled the plug on their relationships this year. After that, decide what Martin’s Christmas plans will consist of now that he won’t be spending it with Lawrence’s family as previously planned. C’mon, Gwyneth. Do the right thing!

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Source: Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence Call It Quits

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