Chris Brown’s Mom Glad He’s in Jail

Thursday, May 1, 2014

CHRIS Brown’s mom is glad he’s in jail.

Joyce Hawkins is apparently relieved her son is behind bars — because it’s stopping the singer from getting into even more trouble.

Many of Chris’ best friends were involved in a brawl at Supperclub in Hollywood, Calif. on April 30, reports HollywoodLife.

Hawkins says it’s a good thing he was in jail at the time because had he not been, he would have been right there in the thick of the drama.

“It’s a good thing he’s in jail seeing as how all of his friends were at the club [on April 30] and because he’s impressionable, he would have been there too, in trouble, and who knows what that could have amounted to,” a source said.

Besides Karrueche Tran, Joyce is one of the most powerful women in Chris’ life. When she watched the video of the brawl posted by TMZ, she was completely disgusted by the violent incident.

“She was appalled and just outraged to see all that nonsense play out and see Chris‘ friends, the same people she’s tried to get out of his life for years, involved in that,” the source explains. “When will they learn? Someone could have been seriously injured or even been killed.

“She hates that Chris likes to be in those types of environments and with those type of people and she’s glad that he was locked up when all this took place.

She hopes that he can somehow see the video in jail and learn something from this and wake up. His friends are bad news!”


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Source: Chris Brown’s Mom Glad He’s in Jail

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