Celebrities Who Have Not Gotten Plastic Surgery

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It’s difficult to avoid the pressures associated with celebrity when it comes to beauty and aging. Those pressures being that you’re not really allowed to age, especially if you’re a woman. So Hollywood becomes a parade of plastic with stars undergoing all sorts of invasive surgeries in order to stay looking as young as possible for as long as they can. But there are some celebrities who have managed to avoid the pitfalls of surgery — proof that women can be beautiful regardless of age.

You wont see any plumped up lips or cat-like eyes in this list. These women are aging gracefully and naturally, without the help of quick fixes for wrinkles and lines. From Emma Thompson, who actively bemoans plastic surgery in Hollywood, to Tina Fey, who brings comedy to the plight of Botox-users, and Julianne Moore, who accepts that aging is a part of life, these women are refusing to fit the stereotypical mold set for women over 40. They all have one thing in common: They look like beautiful, real women, and not plastic, stretched out versions of themselves. It’s refreshing and empowering. See the celebrities who have not gotten plastic surgery, and are still rocking out, above.

The talented and beautiful Fey discusses real-life dealbreakers, below.

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Source: Celebrities Who Have Not Gotten Plastic Surgery

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