Cara Delevingne Can’t Stop Kissing People In Public

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With Drake and Rihanna moving ever so close to being Facebook official, the next blurry celebrity relationship to fuss over is obviously that of Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez. Are the 21-year-old model and the 35-year-old actress more than just friends, or do they simply really, really like to have a good time? Hmm. To the Instagram accounts we go!

After some sloppy PDA and E-cigarette action at a New York Knicks game in January, the duo raised the bar with a topless make-out on the beach in Cancun last week. The potential of a romantic relationship appeals to many, but this kind of behavior is standard for the English model-singer-socialite. She’s a known goofball, who counts Rihanna and Miley Cyrus among her celeb BFFs. And just as common as her tweeting about bacon is her tendency to plant a wet one on some of her closest friends and post it to social media.

Like Bieber‘s peeing in a bucket, this may be a case of a young and fabulous celebrity who’s going through her reckless phase before our eyes. And it’s nothing us normals haven’t seen before. Remember the college girl who insisted on immediately posting every racy photo from last night’s theme party to Facebook? Or the one who liked to make out with her girlfriends just for show? But what if Cara just has a whole lot of love to give? It’s possible! Take a look at some of Cara’s most memorable moments of PDA and decide where you need to be for a potential peck from the supermodel.

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Source: Cara Delevingne Can’t Stop Kissing People In Public

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