Brittany Murphy’s Most Iconic Roles, From Clueless Tai To Sinful Shellie

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While it remains to be seen what comes out of Lifetime’s TV version of Brittany Murphy’s career and personal story, one thing is clear: the beloved actress had a number of iconic roles despite her short-lived career. Everyone from Clueless Tai to Shellie from Sin City is here as we look back on the most iconic Murphy roles we hope get covered in her Lifetime story.

In the words of Cher’s best friend slash makeover challenge, these roles were totally “doable.”

(If you can’t get enough of her film roles below, then check out her looks throughout the years in the gallery above.)

Tai, Clueless (1995)


In her second film role, Murphy played the high schooler who wasn’t a virgin and could drive. The role turned out to be a total Valley Girl who defied all stereotypes.

Luanne Platter, King of the Hill (1997-2009)


Though not seen on screen, Murphy was heard as one of the voices that populated Arlen, TX. As Luanne, she personified a sensitive airhead that at first glance might have resembled Tai from Clueless.

Alex Latourno, 8 Mile (2002)


After taking roles in a few indie movies, Murphy returned to the mainstream alongside Eminem in his debut film role. As Em’s love interest Alex, she swoops in with the right mix of white trash and sex appeal.

Watch Murphy talk about her love for Eminem’s “Lose Yourself,” and lifelong love of hip-hop, below.

Source: Brittany Murphy’s Most Iconic Roles, From Clueless Tai To Sinful Shellie

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