Amy Poehler Is Pop Culture’s Fairy Godmother

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It’s difficult to sum up all the wonderful things about Amy Poehler in one sentence — at least one that doesn’t have multiple declarations of “OMG” or pauses halfway through to reflect on her awesomeness, of which she has a lot.

While she’s great opposite Tina Fey on award shows or within the not-so-friendly confines of Pawnee, perhaps her most important skill is her ability to recognize talent in others. Earlier this month news broke that Poehler would be producing Difficult People, a new scripted comedy from Billy Eichner and Julie Klausner. She already sang Christmas carols on Eichner’s hilarious Billy on the Street (she’s a longtime fan) and brought him into her Parks and Recreation family to play the easily irritable Craig from Eagleton. Earlier this year, she helped bring Broad City, the refreshing millennial comedy from Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, to Comedy Central as executive producer. And, oh yeah, she’s starring and producing a comedy for NBC, created by her brother. Did we mention she’s one of the founders of the Upright Citizens Brigade?

Over nearly 15 years, we’ve been lucky enough to watch Poehler play everything from a cool mom who’d rather you drink in the house to a hyperactive pre-teen named Kaitlin. But in real life she’s more like her Parks and Recreation character Leslie Knope than you might think. Just as Leslie wants nothing more than for April and her Parks crew to carry on her legacy in Pawnee, Poehler is impacting the lives of those she’s worked with, and paving the way for future Leslie Knopes Amys to create groundbreaking forms of entertainment. And the world is better for it. See who this pop culture fairy godmother has blessed with her goodness and what new projects she has up her sleeve, by checking out the gallery above.

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Source: Amy Poehler Is Pop Culture’s Fairy Godmother

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