Amber Rose Calls Out Kanye West For Anal Play In The Bedroom

As we all know Kanye went on a Twitter rant the other day and also commented on the entire Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian thing. Well, Amber heard all she could handle and put the rapper on blast saying that he likes butt play and even says she has proof (sex tapes) “so stop denying it”.

As we all know by now Amber Rose and Kanye used to be an “item” for a while right before Kanye hooked up with Kim. Well, now that may come back to bite him in the ass (pun intended). After attacking Wiz and Blac Amber quickly tweeted out:

Kanye very strangely did not respond to the claims that he likes ass play right away and instead waited a day and then tweeted this:

Now all of a sudden Kanye is trying to be nice to Amber and talking about how him and Kim end up being friends with exes and this is very un-Kanye in every way.

So we gotta ask, is the reason that Kanye is all of a sudden trying to be cool with Amber because he is nervous of the sex tapes with Amber we all know she has?

Source: Amber Rose Calls Out Kanye West For Anal Play In The Bedroom

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