All Aboard! Celebrity Cars, Jets And Yachts We’d Like To Take A Ride On

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Tired of taking the subway? Hate the hassle of flying coach? Celebrities who live in mansions would never be caught dead on public transportation, which is why they’re spending millions on pimped out rides all their own. We’re talking the luxurious jets, yachts and Maybachs (on bachs on bachs) that successfully transport the likes of Paris Hilton and Patrick Dempsey from Point A to Point B.

If you’re like McDreamy or John Travolta, you probably like to kick things up a notch — things being speed and/or altitude. But if you have as many Academy Awards as director Steven Spielberg, you’ll simply want to spend $200 million on a fully staffed yacht and call it a day. But it’s not only what kinds of transportation the stars buy, it’s the ridiculous and expensive things they do to them. Take Dallas Mavericks owner and one-time Hit The Floor guest star Mark Cuban, who had the entirety of his $144.1 million Boeing 767-277 refitted so it could comfortably fit even his tallest players.

When it comes to cars, plenty of stars prefer to own a different ride for each day of the week. Hilton has 35 pets, so her extensive collection of mostly pink-colored vehicles comes as no surprise; the girl likes to collect. But when it comes to the biggest car fanatics in Hollywood, does Jerry Seinfeld own more Porsches than Jay Leno? Did Birdman really buy Justin Bieber a new Bugatti? The world needs to know!

Take a look at our guide to celebrities who travel in style, above. And remember: While far from flashy, your monthly bus pass is still worth something.

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Source: All Aboard! Celebrity Cars, Jets And Yachts We’d Like To Take A Ride On

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