Alaska Reporter Says Yes To Marijuana Club and “F–k It” To Her Day Job


Anchorage KTVA-TV employee Charlo Greene made a local news segment a lot more exciting on Sunday when she abruptly quit on-air. The anchor revealed she owned the Alaska Cannabis Club, and then proceeded to awkwardly resign from her position with the station, all while the cameras were rolling. Her impromptu actions left everyone around her stunned, but no one was more surprised than her poor co-anchor.

Greene (ironic?) abruptly announced her plans to continue “fighting for freedom and fairness” by devoting her time to her pot business. If you’re wondering what the Cannabis Club is all about, here’s introduction from the business’ official website: “THE ALASKA CANNABIS CLUB DOES NOT DISTRIBUTE MARIJUANA… BUT the club does connect medical marijuana cardholders in need to medical marijuana cardholders with green :)” Sounds legit, right?

Shortly after the incident, the station posted the below statement to their Facebook page, claiming the anchor’s position had been terminated. You can imagine how people responded to that news, since we see she clearly quit on-air.

Watch the video below — we promise you’ll feel just as uncomfortable as we did.

[Photo Credit: CBS]

Source: Alaska Reporter Says Yes To Marijuana Club and “F–k It” To Her Day Job

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