Lady Gaga Goes Feline In Paris

g main Lady Gaga Goes Feline In Paris

Oh, cherie! Lady Gaga decided to morph into a fierce jungle cat yesterday in Paris. She arrived at the Thierry Mugler fashion show, where Gaga also modeled, in a sheer leopard print catsuit with her lady bits thankfully covered by flesh colored pants. Gaga also tweeted about her runway debut earlier, writing, “I’m making my debut as a runway model, walking in the MUGLER PARIS FASHIONSHOW 3/2. I directed the show music, previewing Government Hooker.” We still don’t know how she navigates herself on those crazy alien versus predator shoes (something about them reminds us of a action-horror film for some strange reason, okay?).

Gaga then strutted to the after party at fancypants Maxims and was seen exiting clutching a glass of champagne — just as she did when she left the fashion show. Now the question is, are the entourage of dudes you see in the gallery just rolling with her act, or are they physically holding her up? Is this photograph a case of Gaga drunk face? Considering she’s on a drunk diet, it’s a possibility! [Photos: Splash News Online]

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