Westminster Dog Show Begins

It’s the Super Bowl for Canine fans the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show kicked off in New York City the competition is fierce.

When it comes to best in show… it’s a dog eat dog world.

It’s down to the wire to get standard poodle “Simon G” perfectly puffy and fluffy for his big moment in the ring.

Among the 25-hundred dogs competing at the Westminster Dog Show in New York….there’s Elvis the Bearded Collie, Prudence the Blue Merle Pomeranian and Fergie the Bichon Frisee.

This show is the granddaddy of them all—a fierce competition whether you walk on four legs or two…

Handler Greg Larson admits he uses the same hairspray as his Shit-szu Chase.

There are six new breeds allowed to compete at this year’s show including “Redbone Coonhounds.”

Fresh out of the ring their owners were thrilled to take home the best of breed ribbon.

There’s also “Mike” the Blue Tick Coonhound…another new breed who didn’t do well in the competition…but was big hit backstage…
In all there are 179 breeds from 49 states…and around the world…
Showing off their best…
To be best in show…

The top dog will be chosen Tuesday night shortly before 11 p.m.

Source: Westminster Dog Show Begins

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