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morning 010811 Weekend Meme: Gareth Thomas Rocks Flannel, "Glee" Spoilers, and the Tragic ...   AfterElton.com

The lead story this weekend has to be the gunman that shot Congresswoman
Gabrielle Giffords
, killed a federal judge, a child, and wounded 18
others. Rep. Giffords was generally viewed as a friend of gay rights. The
gunman, 22-year-old Jared Lee Loughner,
was subdued by a staffer uk9rg3vi Weekend Meme: Gareth Thomas Rocks Flannel, "Glee" Spoilers, and the Tragic ...   AfterElton.comand is in custody, while another suspect is being sought. I
really don’t want to get into wild blame games like some, but I do agree with Sheriff Dupnik: The vitriol surrounding this country’s politics is out of control,
and when politicians keep talking about “2nd Amendment remedies,” putting gun sights on Congressional seats, and inviting voters to a political rally where they can shoot a
fully automatic M-16
, we can’t be surprised when an unstable person takes
it literally. My thoughts and condolences to everyone affected.

On a much lighter note, Debbie
and Tiffany will attend the New York City premiere of Mega Python vs. Gatoroid.

30 Rock’s Jane Krakowski is
. No word on whether they’ll write that into the plot, or just have
her stand behind a lot of odd objects. Being 30 Rock, I’m betting on the latter.

This blog on how to live in New York City is somewhat depressing, but I’ve
heard the same story from far too many friends to doubt how true it is.

In surprising news, the powers that be have found a way to make me skip an episode of Glee: they’re
doing Justin Bieber
. At least
the Glee Club spontaneously knowing the lyrics isn’t qmd2y3np Weekend Meme: Gareth Thomas Rocks Flannel, "Glee" Spoilers, and the Tragic ...   AfterElton.comtotally unbelievable since no song of his
contains more than four different words, repeated endlessly.

In other Glee
news, Gwyneth Paltrow is coming
back. I won’t spoil the reason why. In HUGE news, curse me if you will, but the show has also
secured rights to Lady Gaga’s
upcoming single “Born This Way” supposed-to-be-next-gay anthem. How Murphy intends to use can be found at the link, but it could be brilliant.

The Wonder Woman
TV show from David E. Kelly is
dead for now
.  CBS and ABC passed on
the show, The CW can’t afford it, and NBC doesn’t have a clue as to what they
want until Comcast finishes buying the network.

In this totally NSFW post, hottie nerd Chris Hardwick broke away from CES and visited the Adult Expo next
door, where he check out some Avatar-themed bedroom enhancements.

Songster Cassidy
has released a new tune called “Everything” that feels
really different for him. I’ve been listening for about 24-hours on loop. You
should definitely check it out, and not just for a bigger version of the accompanying artwork.cxjt38uq Weekend Meme: Gareth Thomas Rocks Flannel, "Glee" Spoilers, and the Tragic ...   AfterElton.com

Is Liam McIntyre
the front runner to step into the sandals of Spartacus for Starz?

Entertainment Weekly
has a response from Will & Grace
creator Max Mutchnick to comments made by Richard Chamberlain and Rupert Everett about homophobia in
Hollywood. I’m not completely buying what he’s selling, but I do think it’s a
good response to those two. “I don’t think the audience is as homophobic as the
media would have us believe. Neither is Hollywood. I’ve never denied an actor a
job because he was gay, but I have denied actors jobs because they suck. There
is no blacklist that forbids gay actors from playing straight roles. Convince
us you’re in love with her and we’ll hire you. And I promise we won’t care who
you’re cuddling up with when you’re off camera.”

Speaking of great responses, OutSports.com has a piece up about three openly gay high school athletes who have a blog answering questions and responding to homophobia in sport.
It’s partially in response to the Mikey hoax 41sahx64 Weekend Meme: Gareth Thomas Rocks Flannel, "Glee" Spoilers, and the Tragic ...   AfterElton.comlast year, but the teens aren’t
going the anonymous route, and have apparently been verified as being legit. Children leading
again; makes me proud.

I haven’t’ seen anything on FX’s new series Lights Out, but it’s about boxing, so
there’s beefcake. And the critics love it, so it might be good, but since it’s
on FX and not AMC, it might even be accessible.

Portuguese fashion journalist and gay activist Carlos Castro, 65, was found beaten and castrated in his Times Square hotel
room. The top suspect is his companion, Renato
. There are now 7at7r29c Weekend Meme: Gareth Thomas Rocks Flannel, "Glee" Spoilers, and the Tragic ...   AfterElton.comsome reports that the 20-year-old model was only
dating Castro for his money and contacts.

In a story that gives me hope, some of Egypt’s Muslims came to a
celebration of the country’s Coptic Christmas to act as human
to prevent extremist violence. If they can work that out in the
Middle East, there may be hope for all of us.

Armie Hammer says
that he and Leonardo DiCaprio will
be playing J. Edgar Hoover and his companion Clyde Tolson from youth to old age, and they’ll be doing it with
prosthetics. While the cross dressing aspect of Hoover’s life is being dropped
as unverifiable, there is at least a kiss between the two men in the movie.
Plus, Dame Judi Dench will be
elevating everyone’s performance.

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