Loved ones remembered on the Trees of Light

Loved ones remembered on the Trees of Light

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

On behalf of the Lions Club of Tavistock I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank the following people for their help and on-going support with this year’s ‘Trees of Light’.
l Our main sponsor Morris Bros (Tavistock) Ltd, who are covering all of our very considerable costs
l Joanna and Graham Moule, who donated the central tree on the front of the town hall
l The Times for your continued support in publicising this project
l Tavistock Town Council, particularly Wayne Southall and his works team
l The Rev Jeff Moles and Mrs Sue Tucker
l John Collacott
l Stannary Brass Band.
I am very pleased to say that the sum raised to date is in excess of £5,650. All the monies received will be equally divided between the Children’s Hospice South West, St Luke’s Hospice South West and the Mustard Tree Macmillan Centre.
This figure does not include the monies that we will be able to claim back from HM Revenue and Customs, thanks to all those who signed up to ‘Gift Aid It’.
To all those people who have donated in memory of their loved ones a very, very large thank you, as without you this project would be meaningless.
Roger Lethbridge (Member of the Lions Club of Tavistock)

Sponsors as follows, names of those remembered in italics:

Marion Caudwell Phyl Harris, Peggy Bryant Clive Newham and Enid Bowhay, Mrs Doreen Harris Alfred Thomas Harris, Mrs J Dickson John A Dickson, Mr N A Lacey Irene and Danny, Mrs Olive Hodge Sally Hodge, Christina Bolt, Harold Bolt and George Hodge, Sylvia Westlake and family Peter Westlake, Mr T Kerswill Irene Kerswill and Tom Kerswill, Mrs P Coxwell Claude Jeffery and Joyce Coxwell, Mr D and Mrs K Jackman Joyce Jackman  and Russell Chapple, Sue, Lisa, Sarah, Oliver, Harriet and Jack Irene Lacey, a much loved mum and grandma, Maureen and Kevin Turner Frank Russell and Francis Sandy, Alison Cale and Kevin Turner Ethel and Stan Turner, Simon Dell Maureen Dell, Shirley Dell Rita Frayn, Hazel Newton Dennis, Mrs Mary Towl Mr Clifton Towl, Mrs P Bedborough Ken  Bedborough, Tamara, Neale and Emily Walker Gracie Nell Walker, Terry and family Doreen Luxton, Mrs Hazel Hicks Ron Hicks (Husband), Mrs Hazel Hicks Wilmot and Harry Maddock (Mum and dad), Mrs Hazel Hicks Tess Maddock (my beautiful niece), George M Thomson Connie Thomson, Mr S J Evenden Sheila Evenden, David Isaac Eileen Isaac and Jeny Melvin, Mrs D M Wing John and Dorothy Hall, Alan Dawe Iris and Leonard Dawe, Joan Torvell David Torvell, Joan Ferguson Ken Ferguson, Bob and Niki Brereton Robert and Bertha Brereton, Bob and Niki Brereton Thomas and Kathleen Larkin, Charlotte and Glenn Anderson Dad (Wallace Collom), loved and remembered forever, Mrs J M Venning Henry Cox, Yvonne Stephens Sylvia Evans, from all the family, Mrs I Webb Douglas  Webb, Sharon, Liam, Selina and Jessica Delaney Danny Delaney, Sharon, Andrew and Families Valerie Martin, Maureen Solomon Stan Solomon, Mrs D A L Whitaker Mr Malcolm Whitaker, Ronald Joseph Hair Marjorie Hair, Esme and John Tickel Albert and Christine Slater, Revd V F Honey My dear parents and aunt, M Hammersley May and Reggie Bullock, David and Jennifer Stenlake Jonathan Stenlake, Mr Philip Archer Lily and Joe Nichols & Steven Archer, Mr Philip Archer Michael, Hilary, Flo and Victor Archer, P Finegan In memory of our son John, Mrs Tracey Solman Dearest Dad and Grandad, Douglas Henry Trewin, Mrs Barbara Beckerleg Jack Beckerleg, Tony and Sue Butland Mum  and Dad Butland, Tony and Sue Butland Mum and Dad Stanton, Mrs May Loveys Alan Loveys(Husband) and Andrew Loveys (Son), Catherine Dixon David and Mary Dixon, Mr Dave German Leonard and Hilda German, Roger and Suzette Wright Bonita Wright, G Sleeman Bert Sleeman, Mrs D Stephens Maurice Stephens, Mrs D Stephens Elsie and Jack Squance, Ann and Frank Pitcher Glen and Kerry, missed beyond words, Mrs Shirley Toms Parents, husband and son, Dave James Colin Ackford, Mrs Marianne Maylandd Augustine and Doreen Pyle, Mrs Marianne Maylandd Frank and Arthur Pyle, Mrs Marianne Maylandd Audrey Mary Pyle, Mrs Joan Toop The British Heart Foundation, Mr A J Smith and Mrs P A Derrick Mr Stanley George and Mrs Mary Smith, Angela Ward David Ward and Bill Ford, Nita Ward Barbara and Arthur Ward & Paula and Sheila Ford, Lilian Eva Lilian and Bob Hoyle, Mrs L Eva Norman Walbridge, Mr and Mrs D Glanville All loved ones, Susan Honey and Family Syd and Ann Budge, Mrs P Hermes My husband and friends, Jan and Kingsley Baker John Baker (Dentist), Jan and Kingsley Baker Melita Baker, Miss Maggie Wood Bert Wood, Margaret Wood and Michael Wood, Mrs A Kitchenham Michael Kitchenham, Mrs June Robertson Bill and Margaret, Brian Hitchcock Ivy and Bill Hitchcock, Gerry and Jacky Searle Sister Kay Martin and grandsons Alexander and Philip Searle, Lesley Brocklesby Joan and Jack Wakley, Lesley and Steve Brocklesby Sue Penney, Mrs W Pullyblank Mr and Mrs W Pullyblank, Mrs W Pullyblank Mr and Mrs A E Houching, Mrs W Pullyblank Mrs M Dwane and Mrs L Rowe, Clifford and Margaret Alford In loving memory of our dear parents, Mr and Mrs F Alford & Mr and Mrs H Hewitt, Clifford and Margaret Alford In loving memory of Leslie and Joyce Watkins, Miss Pat Keppel Jones In memory of my dear friend Jean Wans, Mrs D Preece Brian Preece, Nikki and Paul Turner Dad and Gran, Gill Dodd Les and Mum, Mrs H Fielding Charles and Queenie Newton from Hilary, Ray and Family, Mrs H Fielding Alick and Celia Fielding from Hilary, Ray and family, F J C Hammett My Wife and both families, Martyn and Alison Dodd Les Dodd, Mrs Denise Hunter Dorothy and Charles Hodges, Mrs V Mansfield Tom and Eileen Hawken, Mrs B Symons Gary Symons and Kenneth Symons, Judi Thornberry David Thornberry and Morley Evans, Pam Smith Pat and Ron Barnicoat, Mr and Mrs Watson Graham Watson (our son), Mrs Rosemary Pyle Doug Pyle from Rosemary, Marlene, Den and Family, Mrs Sheila Pellow Dorothy Bolt, Jenny and Jack Walker (Grandma & Grandad) Gracie Nell Walker, Jeff Ives Thomas, Sandra Dave and Jeff Ives Claire Ives, Cyril Tucker and Family Beryl Tucker & Bill and Susie Tucker, Mrs D W Bowden John Bowden, Stephen  Pine My parents Herbert and Sylvia Pine,  buried at Casswaton near Oxford, Alfred Lawrence My Mother, Iris Roberts, Jackie Smale John Williams, Mrs R Lashbrook My darling husband, Roy Lashbrook, Mrs Jane Meckiff John Meckiff, Mrs B Chapman John, Joan, Edna and Tom, David, Veronica and Clare Wilson, Phoebe & Milly Louise Wilson, always in our hearts and thoughts, Eileen Hooper Philip and Audrey Sandercock, Mollie and Doug Knight Elsie Hallson, Val Boyne Beloved husband, Roger Boyne, Val Boyne Beloved son-in-law and brother-in-law, Andy Lake, Patricia Roke Lil and Bill Sully & Tom Sweet, Pearl Pearson Harry Pearson, Neil Pearson and Family Harry Pearson from his son and grandchildren in Australia, Anita Wray and Family Harry Pearson from his daughter and grandchildren in America, Mrs M Pearce May and Henry Rundle Mrs Susan Jarvis Our devoted parents Fred amd Thelma Fisher. We think of you every day. Diane & Sue, Sue, David, Dan and Max Timmins Barbara Timmins, John  Timmins Barbara Timmins, Anne Wyatt-Easter, Richard, James and Terry Wyatt John Frederick Wyatt, Chris, Simon and Sally Kathy Easter, Mrs V. Swift, Nicholas, Lewis and Emma Robert Alfred Swift. All our love xx, Mrs Enid Jarman Mr and Mrs E Stenlake & Mr and Mrs A Jarman, Gwen Shearer Michael Shearer and John Shearer, Mrs G Carroll Stephen D Carroll, P Hawken All loved ones Mary  L Dawe Pearce Dawe, The Girls Zyna Rossiter, Sarah and David Hill Alison Hill, Mr A Luscombe Julie Luscombe, all our love Mom & Dad xx, the Greep Family and the Luscombe Family, Joyce Doidge and Family Jack and David Doidge, Molly Pridham and Family Denis Pridham, Jo Wright John and Dot Blower, Maud Congo Laurie Congo, Stuart and Clifford Doidge Kathleen, Steve and Chris Grummitt Mr and Mrs A J W Christopher, Steve and Chris Grummitt Mr and Mrs H H Grummitt, Mrs Vera Collacott Bill Collacott, beloved husband of Vera always in my thoughts, John Collacott Bill Collacott, Mrs Ann Mitchell Ivor and Audrey Jeffery, parents and grandparents to Ann, Bob, Lisa and Kerry Mitchell, Jacky Rushall June Charles, Vera, Audrey, Rose & Percy Family and friends, Margaret Ogle Peter Chasteauneuf, Mrs S Crocker Den Crocker, Tom and Olive Hitt & Fred Crocker, Mr and Mrs K Symons Pearl Wendy Symons, Mrs Vera Hawes Mr Ian Hawes, Julie Hawes Geoffrey Hawes, Teresa Buttree Maurice Lashbrook, Sue, Doug and Terry Holmes Ken Walker, Dad & Grandad, Mrs Ann Wright John Quentin Wright, Jane Palmer Michael Palmer, Jenny and Hayley Jackson Terry Jackson, Dave, Elma and family Gwen Hire and Jean Symons, Mary Wills Terry Wills & Betty and Bill Martin, Joyce Coombs and family Harry Coombs, Keith Easterbrook Patricia Easterbrook, C Cann Betty Mitchell and Alec James, Mrs James Mum and Dad, Jenny and Sarah Bellamy (Mum) Stephanie Bellamy, Jenny and Sarah Bellamy (Dad) David Bellamy, Mrs Elsie Dawe Syd Dawe, Sam, Ron and Dick Pooley, Mrs Betty Vinson Fred and Mabel Hussey & Jack Vinson, Mrs R Ayres A C and C Mounce, Mrs R Ayres Peter Ayres, Mrs R Ayres W and K Ayres, Jeanne Smith Florence and Sydney Campbell, Mrs J Prichard Harry White and Robert Prichard, Mrs J Prichard Dorothea Duke, Rosemary Pethick Remembering our dear friends Margaret Eliot Cornish and Doreen Joyce Harris from Rosemary, Ken and all the family, Rosemary Pethick Doris Cissie Bennett, a beloved Mum, Gran & Great Gran from her family, John and Karen Rowe Mr Thomas George Gidley and Mrs J Thyer, John and Karen Rowe Mr C J Rowe, Peter Wilkinson Ron Newcombe and Florence Quick, Mr and Mrs B Coopey Susan Delooze, Mrs P L Bird Husband John and Daughter Nicolette, Mrs Muriel Mules My husband Jim Mules, Mam Mules Stephanie and David Bellamy, daughter and son-in-law, Mrs Caroline Hurford Ronald and Edna Morse, Paul, Hayley and Lachlan Stephens Robin Stephens, A Wakefield-Smith Shirley Wakefield-Smith, Anita and Malcolm Cheriton Elsie Courtney (Mum), Mrs E Padley John Padley, S Butcher Bill Dean and Robert Dean, Brian and Ruth Kernick Dora and David Skinner & Walter Kernick, Mrs V Wheaton Mr G Cole (Father) and Miss Tracy Perkins (Daughter) died July 12th this year aged 42, Mrs A Evans Husband Ern, son Brian and son -in-law John, Nigel Goode Stan and Edna Goode, Julie Goode Dad and Brian, Les Bennett Bobs and Jerry Bennett, Mrs M Brown Mr David Coombe, Mrs Margaret McMurray For my dear Mum and Step-dad Mrs Flossie and Mr Sidney Parkman, with lots of love to you both, Mrs J P Montgomery Josiah Montgomery and Alice Montgomery, Mr and Mrs Barriball Loved ones gone, Mrs R Hatherley Mrs V May and Mr S May, Shirley Whittaker Ernest and Daisy Jackson, Michael Cole Babe and Kath, Jane and David Kellett Tom, Anna, Bob & Mary, Shirley Edwards Roy Edwards dearest Husband, Dad, Grandad & Friend, Pennie Stanley Victor Cole, Joy Jewell Fintan Jewell, Joy Jewell David Clemens, Mrs Marlene Brown John remembered always Marlene and family, Dennis Harvey Glenda Rosemary Harvey, Stanley and Dorothy Harvey, Harry and Jane Roberts & Frank and Jane Burley, Sue & Keith Whitting Tom and Phyllis Hocking, Sue & Keith Whitting Mark Whitting, Mrs C Montgomery John Montgomery, Linda Wilkins Leonard Wilkins, Geoffrey Kerridge and Dr Kenneth Kerridge, George & Meg Parker Brian, Sue Fowle Mum, Dad & Stuart, Petra Taylor Peter Coakley, Petra Taylor George Wood, Petra Taylor Hilda Wood, Petra Taylor Carol Scott, Alison and Bob Cale Ethel and Stanley Turner, Sue and Vic Eastwood Lost friends and family, Freda Short Alex Short, Mrs M G Muirhead Mrs E George, P and L Watson John and Vera, Rita and Jack, Kath and Steph, B J Lowry Jessie Southgate, B J Lowry Susan Green, Mr Michael Hartnell Mr Bernard Hartnell, Mrs E Hartnell Mrs Pat Venus, Mrs E Hartnell Mr Cedric Venus, Mrs M Beech Chris Beech my beloved son, Mrs M Beech My mum Frances Carpenter, M Palmer, Helen Gordon and Sarah Palmer Fernley Palmer, Mrs J Lawton Macmillan Nurses in memory of my husband Derek German, L G Pierson Iris Pierson, Rob and Greta Webber Doreen Webber, Rob and Greta Webber Our darling granddaughter Gracie Nell, Mrs P Grigg Pete Grigg from all the family, Mrs M Carmichael Geoffrey Carmichael, Mrs M Carmichael David Collen and Violet Younger, Simon Gash Douglas Gash, Mrs Ann Valmarana Stanley and Edna Goode, Mr and Mrs R Valmarana Stanley Brew, Joanne Edwards Steven Antony Edwards, Mrs S Edwards Steven Antony Edwards, Christine Furse Sybil Clarke, Christine Furse Paul Amelie, Christine Furse Ethel Boney, Peter Woon Clarence Paul Woon and Irene Coles Woon, Mrs V Godfrey Sasha and Mandy, Mrs V Godfrey Sqn Ldr T W G Godfrey MB  DFC RAF, Mrs V Godfrey Mum and Dad, Mrs V Godfrey Bette, Mrs I Hogg Douglas Hogg, Mr L G Symons Mrs Pamela Jean Symons, Mr and Mrs Shillibeer Chris and Phyllis Chaffe, Mr and Mrs Shillibeer George and Chris Shillibeer, Anne Blithe My beloved husband Arnold Blithe, Anne Blithe Loving sister Shirley Wakefield Smith, Anne Blithe Loving parents Win and Percy Elliott, Pat and Mike McNicol Mabel and Nicol McNicol & Betty Stacey, Pat and Mike McNicol Frances and Will Hawkins, Valerie Rowe Great Gran Harvey and Courtney Rowe, Kathy Brown (wife) Allon Brown, Kathy Brown Mum and Dad Tregaskes, Miss Madge Hodges Envoy Diane Cairns, Salvation Army, Mrs P Spry Fernleigh Spry, Monica Bickley John Bickley always in our hearts Monica and family, Jo and Alan Clarkson John Turner, G Chanter Jack Chanter, G Chanter Mary Chanter, Dr Ian Goodfellow Innes and Gladys Goodfellow, Mrs V Jarman Ronnie and Pat Hilton, Judith John and Glyn John Gladys and Bert Paine, Jennifer McDowall Ivy and Bill Shepherd, Mrs S Jarman Ken, Janet Clarke Eva and Hugh Butler & Ted Clarke, Janet Coopey Sue Delooze, Winston Martin Val Martin, Mrs Mary Allen Percy Allen, Wendy and Paul Johnson Cyril and Rhoda Heggadon & Mary Johnson, Rosemary Bancroft Charles and Edith Bancroft, Bill Ward and Marjorie Mace, Caroline Teece Gill Madin, Cheryl Reeves Christine and Wilf Reeves, Mrs G M Gee and family Mr Douglas Gee, Margaret Anderson Douglas Treloar, Charles Treloar and Arnold Blithe, Liam and Martin Kelleher Susan Kelleher a lovely wife and mum, Ted and Betty Jenkins Alfred and Bessie Pengelly, loving parents, Ted and Betty Jenkins Ted and Marie Jenkins, devoted parents, Mum and Ted (Jenkins) Susan Kelleher a very dear daughter, Ms L Harwood Dorothy Trodd, Doll Wheeler and Albert Wheeler, Mrs J Hoar Hannah Mary Conybeare and Dennis Lionel Hoar, Heather Rayne Tavistock Memory Café, Mandy and Mike Rolfe Gladys Deason, Paul Congo Mr Laurie Congo, Patty Congo Mrs Helen Gibson, Patty Congo Mrs Nan Forbes and Mr Leslie Forbes, Geoff and Lorraine Turner Ted and Doreen Towill, Gillian Bowden Henry and Betty Bowden, Miss  J Squance Jack and Elsie Squance, John Tunnicliffe Betty Tunnicliffe, Mr Gordon Frise Joan B Frise and Karen A McDermott, Mrs J Lee All our loved ones, Mrs F Clemo Clara Liddle, Mary Forbes George Forbes from his wife Mary, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, Victoria Piper Rodney Cooper, Mr Paul Whitting Irene Baker always thinking of you, Alison Stoneham For Chris Rice, who died this year, Phil, Alison and Tom Stoneham Our parents remembered with love, James and Pat Mildren and Charles Narrington, Brian A. Fyfield-Shayler Peter and Sibella Collier, late of Vale Down, Brian A Fyfield-Shayler My parents Bert and Ruby, late of River Court, Mandy Warnett Bernard Chamings, Mrs G Nash Jim Nash,
Mrs Linda Marlow, John Marlow, beloved husband dad and grandad, Lydia Phillpotts To a dear dad Emanuel, The Bowden Family Mum and Dad (Bowden), Ian Dyer John Dyer (Dad), E Dyer In memory of Harry Roach, John and Mark Dyer, Teresa Durant, Alfred and Florence Stoneman & Mervyn Stoneman, Susanna Harley Julia Harley, Mrs P Bourne Mrs M L Palmer, Jo and Mark Lines Our daughter Samantha Finch, Mary Sargent Jack Sargent, my wonderful dad, loved as much today as ever, The Kearns Family Vi and Joe Kearns, much loved. Time passes but memories linger on, Jean Gilchrist Hyacinth Jackman, Jean Gilchrist Allan Jackman, Kate, Paul and Alice Glanville and Betty Norton Derek Norton and Linda Brown (nee Norton), Mrs M P Parker Paul and Marie Davis, Lucy Toop Pat Gynn, Ruth Passmore Douglas and Eva Frayn, Ruth Passmore June Porter, M Taylor Nicholas Ellis, Bridget Doidge In memory of Brian Bickell (dad) from Nigel, Bridget and Family, Kath Abel In memory of Dick Abel, from Kath and Family, Ryan, Martyn and Natalie Greep Ron Geake and Roy Greep (our Grandads), Mrs Betty Geake Ron Geake, Mrs J Thomas Remembered friends of Tavistock WI, May Brown In remembrance of my beloved parents and husband, Mike and Stella Seymour Mum and Dad Everex, Mum and Dad Seymour & Janet, Sarah Gordon John and Olive Bowyer, Linda Mills Dearest father Charles Abbott and very special sister Susan Kelleher, both sadly missed, Lauren and Olivia Dillon Brian Townsend (Grandad), Mrs June Perkin Ivy and Herbert Rooke, Mrs Vera Walter In memory of John Walter love from Vera and family xx, Jean and Gordon Paige Fond memories of Winnie and Dot, Cathy Hicks Lee, my son, Shaun, Joe, Jade and Carrie Karen McDermott nee Frise, Mrs M Blowey Ewart Blowey, Brian A Stanswood Samantha Stanswood and Wendy Stanswood, Ginger and Jackie White Dick Able, a dear brother-in-law and John Bickley, a much missed friend, Cullum and Libbi Grandad J Maddock, Colin, Callum and Libbi Peggy Shields, Tony and Gillian Millichamp For all those we have loved and lost, Margaret Mutton Tom Mutton, Lesley Friend Graham Marshall, Lesley Friend Past members of Tavistock Physically Challenged Group, Mrs Johnson and Mrs Frazer Denys Frazer, Red and Black (AFC) Club Sheila Fenner, John and Agnes Walters Our parents, Sue, David, Tom and Oliver James Donald Britton, David, Sue, Tom and Oliver James William and Elsie James, Christine Saplis Kathy Saplis, Mrs K A Broad Mrs Joan Owens (Mum), Mrs K A Broad Mr Cledwyn Owens (Dad), Mrs Ros Weeks Les Brooke, Mr and Mrs G Callaghan Our son John Callaghan, Ann Alford Stephanie Bellamy, Sheila Smith Frank Percival, Mr W G Barnard Ricky Barnard, Marjorie and Ernest Barnard, Chris and Gill Tromans Tricia Tromans and Sarah Shea, Mrs Betty Walke Richard James Walke, Gloria Janku Prue and Wilf Cosham, I E Looker Douglas B Looker, Gary Price and Family D W Price, Mrs Ruth Memory Percy, Maud, Monica and Christopher Down, Mary, David and Gill Brian and Beryl Soper, Sam Gadd My mum, Christine Lesley Henderson, Peggy Acton Frank Acton, Margaret Cox and Family Stan Cox, with love, Bev Rodgers Doreen, Jack and Kevern Daymond, loved and missed always, Bev Rodgers Ronald (Pat) Rodgers, always remembered, Bev Rodgers Carol Powell and Wendy Babbage, good times never forgotton, Steve and Karen Burgess-Allen Little Nutmeg, Winnie Easterbrook and Uncle Patrick Gomes, Sally Iles Charles Williams, my dear Father, Raymond Iles Rose and Frank Iles, Florence Freemantle Barbara Timmins, Gwen Bryant John Bryant and Agnes (Mary) Rogers, Ann Alford Ron Alford, Gillian, Matt and Becky Mills Ron Alford (Dad and Grandad), Trevor and Susan Bond Mrs Winnie Bond, Sharon Bond and Norman James, Kay Harrison Don Harrison, Joyce Metters Gerald Metters, Pauline, Staff and Family Marie and Ted Jenkins dear Mum and Dad, Anne and Phil Finney Matt Finney, Sue Jerrett Edna and Jack Cole, Carole Eager Malcolm Eager,Dil Lord, Lynn and Trevor Sanders Our dear mother, Sarah Craven, Mrs Joyce Brown Gordon Palmer (dad), Margaret Morris Dick and Sylvia Kerswell, Mrs A Cullen The Cullen and Duffy Families, Dawn Reid Molly and Ken Evans, Mrs Phyllis Britton and Jeremy Don Britton & Bernard and Peter Grigg, Rob, Julie and Nathan Morgan Bob Vousden, Thelma and Brian, Joyce, Reg and Audrey and family Reg and Audrey Gay, Jenny Kay Nan, never forgotten from Jenny, Janet, Tony, Tanya and Daryl Doris and Charles Lucas, Janet, Tony, Tanya and Daryl Flo and Tim Kingdon, Sue and Rich Cowling Frank Cowling, Mary and Len Belbin, love you x, Sue Pote Gladys Pote, Glenys Pote, Gerald Pote, Hilary Pote, Gill Mitchell, Paul Down and Sadie Johns, Karen Willcocks Margaret Gregory (from all the family), Mrs Doreen Larcombe Reg Hoar, Mrs Mary Hoar Reg Hoar, Becca Douglas Sue Heard, my mum, miss you more than ever, Terry and Jean Langsford William and Gladys Crago, Mrs E P Langsford Gilbert Langsford, Betty Studden and Pat Wilson, James and Ruth Cole Alice and Herbert Daw, Jenny Kay Gwen, love always Fred and Jenny, Mrs Elizabeth Earing Alan, a beloved husband and Phil a much loved friend, Mrs Beryl Watters Sylvia Craze, a dear friend, Molly Bickell Brian Bickell, Margaret Ellis Ron and Pam Holman,Ailean Pennington William and Lilian Sampson, Sharon Buxton David and Stephanie Bellamy, Mrs M A Payne Captain Sid Payne and Mrs June Roderick, Lindi, Steven, Georgia, Leah and Holly Gran and Grandad Jessop, Steven, Lindi, Georgia, Leah and Holly Grandad Janner, Ros Twinn Pam and Geoff Tidbury, Linda and Brian Frank Young (Dad), Mrs Christine Knowlton George and Lilian Sandwell, Jaszczuk and Glanville family John Jaszczuk, always in our thoughts, Thelma and John Varnes Adam Varnes, Mrs J A Young Mr and Mrs J Young & Mr and Mrs D Bussey, Mrs Clarke-Head Betty and Stanley, Lorraine D’Arcy Patricia D’Arcy, Carol Scott, Ben Scott and Matt Scott Steve Scott, David and Rosemary Turner Allen Turner and Godfrey Bisp, Sandra Hodge Zena Crocker, Sandra Hodge June Gumery, Sandra Hodge Colin Gumery, Allison Hatcher Tony Liberty James, George and Emily Hatcher Gangan, Tony James, John Barret, David and Yvonne Inman Sheila Barrett, Jackie Barrett and Bella Inman, Nicola Petts Tim Warlow, Dorothy Bailey and Roland Bailey, Celia and Patrick Curran Vera Sheppard, Mona, David and Mark McPherson Treasured  memories of Mac, Mrs P Shapley Michael Shapley, Mrs P Shapley Ray Kalnins, Peggy Guest Arthur Guest and Ann Marshall, Roy Everleigh In memory of Joan and Ken Walker, a loving Mum, Dad, Gran and Grandad, in our thoughts for ever from all the family, Mrs E Diment Bob Diment, and Maureen Hansen Davis USA, Mrs A Pearce and Family Raymond Pearce, dearly missed forever in our hearts, Matilda Agnew Great Uncle Peter Williams, Richard, Gerry, Eloise, Caitlin, Isabelle and Lily Con Kelly RIP and Isaac Sweentenberg RIP, Lynda Heriot John Cole, Lynda Heriot Vera Cole, Ross Heriot Rita Balmer, Yvonne Collom Wally Collom, Liz Hough Dee and Harrry Hobbs, David Hoar Dennis Hoar, Louise Rice and Family Martyn Stephens, Sue Jerrett Edna and Jack Cole, Tony Jenns Micky Jenns, Kate Henderson David Henderson, dearest dad, forever in my thoughts, Mrs R J Phillips Julie Phillips, Sandy and Roger Lethbridge Phyllis and Peter Pope, Louise and John Lethbridge, Joan Giles Roy Giles, Joan Giles Ellen Coppen, Mandy and Ian Nye In loving memory of Peter Nye, Mandy and Ian Nye In loving memory of Vera and John Sirant, Nigel Lethbridge John and Louisa Lethbridge, Shirley Marley Ken and Ruby Hynam, Mrs Ida Hollands Vi and Arthur Hollands & Beryl and Ron Johns (mums and dads), A E Mettler Peter Mettler and our parents, Mrs E Burr Alison and absent friends, Alan Stoneham Liz Stoneham, Brenda, Johnathan and Peter Moyse Keith Moyse, Elaine Harvey John Harvey, Jean Harvey and Ruth Harvey, Graham Pink and Julie Davey Madeline Pink, Alan Wroath Mary Wroath, Miranda Wroath and Mary M Paterson, Elaine O’Connor Mum and Dad, Elaine O’Connor Pamela Heathcock, Lions Club Of Tavistock Peter Westlake, Mike Stephens, Sid Payne, Reg Teale, Arthur Boundy and Jim Taylor, Susanna Harley Peggy Joos, Rebekah Libby Honey.

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