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Dunkin Donuts nutrition doesn’t compete with ‘clean eating’.

My kids still think McDonald’s is a gas station, but they are totally on to doughnuts. Dunkin Donuts to be exact. While Dunkin Donuts is the nutritional equivalent of trash, it’s also delicious. Healthy snacks have a hard time competing. Who wants a carrot stick when there’s a box of Munchkins on the table?

In 2011, lots of us have resolved to turn over a new leaf with our family diets. No more suger. No more trans fats. No more preservatives and artificial flavorings. In short, no more Dunkin Donuts.

If we give up this delicious snack, though, what will we eat instead? Is it carrot sticks from here on out?

Dunkin Donuts has added some new, healthier items to their menu, but let’s be clear: we love them for their donuts. Because we want donuts. Not egg white sandwiches and breakfast salads. DONUTS. If your stomach doesn’t tell you, the screaming chorus in the backseat will.

Sadly, there are no truly healthy donuts. But it is fairly easy to make your own organic ones at home. All you need is a simple recipe like these baked sugar donuts from Babble’s Family Kitchen. If you’re feeling inspired, you can substitute whole wheat flour for white and locally produced sweeteners like honey or maple syrup for sugar, and wind up with an almost healthy treat.

For more inspiration on eating organic, healthy food in the new year, check out Babble’s new clean eating guide.

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