12 Male Celebrities Who Let Themselves Go

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Just because you’re a working Hollywood actor who’s pulled in millions of dollars doesn’t necessarily mean you can get any woman you want, even if you’re Leonardo DiCaprio. At least, if you believe the recent OK! Magazine report that stated Rihanna thought the legendary lothario was “too chubby” for her. Judging by his then and now photos, we can kinda see the point. Dude’s let himself pack on a few pounds. Which makes us wonder, which other male celebrities have done the same?

A bunch, actually. For whatever their reason — be it exhaustion, old age, or just a general DGAF attitude — here are 12 male celebrities who let themselves go. Fortunately, for some of these men, their physical transformation hasn’t killed their successful careers.

Maybe Leo just doesn’t care that much about looks? Watch him and his Wolf of Wall Street cast mates debate the importance of money, power, and beauty.

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Source: 12 Male Celebrities Who Let Themselves Go

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