10 Times Spencer Pratt Was Actually The Sweetest Person Ever


If Lauren Conrad is known as the girl who didn’t go to Paris, Spencer Pratt will always be reality TV’s public enemy No. 1. On The Hills, his insane antics actually scared us, but beneath the villainous exterior was just a normal guy who was madly in love.  He made himself famous by saying and doing the most ridiculous things ever: becoming creepily obsessed with crystals, dressing as an old man at The Hills finale. Between his bizarre actions and his wife, Heidi Montag‘s, extreme plastic surgery over the years, “Speidi” became a worldwide obsession simply for being one crazy-ass couple. At this point, most of us thought his soul was basically a black, dark dungeon of nothingness.

Since The Hills wrapped in 2010, the couple has remained happily married. The two even helped blow the lid off of the show, saying they went to extremes for their “characters” and that the whole thing was scripted. Recently, though, they’ve come back down to Earth, admitting to have blown through their $10 million fortune and being content with the quiet, normal life they now lead.

Seeing a calmer side of Spencer brings us back to the times when he first popped up on The Hills as the charmer who was trying to sweep Heidi off her feet. When you stop looking at him as the show’s monster, you’d be surprised to see how sweet he actually was.

1. The time he surprised Heidi with a bouquet of roses and declared his love with a funny jig.

Isn’t this every girl’s dream and more? If the red roses don’t say love, maybe a happy little dance will do the trick. We know Lauren Conrad hated Spencer for 3,298 reasons, but he did treat Heidi like a princess.

Source: 10 Times Spencer Pratt Was Actually The Sweetest Person Ever

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