10 reasons Kanye West is a god amongst men


Kanye West may do some dumb stuff sometimes but he’s still a hip hop legend (Picture: Yui Mok/PA)
So Kanye West is in everyone’s bad books at the moment because he urged the crowd at his gig to stand and it turned out some of them couldn’t because they were disabled.
Ok, so that was a bit of a blunder. But it’s not like he bit the head off a bat. Plus, it’s the crowd who should be feeling ashamed right now, as they were the ones booing and swearing at disabled people, not Kanye.
While some people are using this incident to indulge in the popular sport of Kanye-bashing, I for one am getting pretty sick of people – and it’s usually people who know nothing about good music – slagging him off.
So, here’s 10 reasons why Kanye is, in fact, a

Source: 10 reasons Kanye West is a god amongst men

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