10 Forgotten Things From The Year 2000

VH1′s I Love the 2000s premiered last night, making it perfectly acceptable to hum Brian McKnight or “I’m Blue” on your way to work this morning. Fourteen years can feel like a lifetime, so it’s understandable if you have a selective memory when it comes to pop culture from the year 2000. Between drastic weight loss from a Subway sandwich-a-day diet to tension-filled quests to trade the right Pokémon cards, it was a weird time.

How much have things changed? How much have things stayed the same? Dating is now done on phones and McKnight went from sweet crooner who soundtracked middle school dances to the man behind an X-rated “adult” mixtape. To see what you may be forgetting — or purposely blocking out — from the first year of the new millennium, travel back in time with the list below.

1. Speed Dating
Today we gripe about the anxiety of swiping right or left on Tinder. In 2000, we felt the pressure to find our perfect match in a public setting in just under five minutes. Speed dating was a solid choice for those who like to be efficient with their time. You got the most important information out of the way, right away, and hoped for the best. Better to know about that weird mole or racist grandmother before it’s too late, right? But did relationships actually last once the two people involved realized they’d be together for longer than one drink?

2. Pokémon 
Gotta catch ‘em all! Between the TV show, the movies and the trading cards, children had their own form of legalized crack in the 21st century. It’s name was Pikachu.

3. Trading Spaces

The TLC reality series understood our unwavering desire to see the inside of our neighbors’ homes. It also acknowledged that sometimes we might want to cover their living room in zebra-print wallpaper (but only if they repeatedly stole our newspapers).

4. Jared from Subway

I Love the 2000s: Jared from Subway

[Photo Credit: Subway]

Living proof that eating at chain restaurants won’t kill you — at least not right away. Jared famously lost half a person on a self-made Subway diet, and held onto his old jeans just for kicks.

5. The Perfect Storm

George Clooney in The Perfect Storm

[Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures]

In 2000 George Clooney still needed to prove that he could become a successful movie star after making a name for himself on TV’s ER. So what better way to do it than to grow out a sexy salt and pepper beard and star in a book to film adaptation about weather and hunky fishermen? It’s a serious, sad story, yes. But they all look so good.

6. Tiger Woods, the golfer

Before Elin got a hold of one of his clubs and sex addiction became the excuse of choice, Tiger Woods was the most dominant golfer on the planet. He won the 2000 U.S. Open, and his steely composure only added to his otherworldly cool factor. He was damn good at the game, and he knew it, too.

7. Eiffel 65

Yo, listen up here’s a story: A song with lyrics no one can actually decipher is the most dangerous kind of song to go viral.

8. Cheaters

Step out on your significant other if you want, but just know that there’s always the potential for a hidden camera to be tucked away in your sinful love nest.

9. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Ang Lee‘s film took home Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars and was nominated for Best Picture. It became a worldwide hit, and who cares if you didn’t fully understand the plot or what they were saying? All that martial arts sure looked cool.

10. “Back at One” 

1. Acknowledge Brian McKnight’s sexiness.

2. Know that this song is guaranteed to set the mood, and work with that special intel.

3. Stay away from the music video, though. (It’s kind of messed up.)

4. Repeat steps 1-3.

5. Fall in love with Mr. McKnight again. All part of his master plan!

Catch VH1′s I Love The 2000s all week long at 9/8 C.

Source: 10 Forgotten Things From The Year 2000

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